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Steve Pratt

Steve Pratt: Nutrition and Physical Activity Manager, Cancer Council Western Australia

During my degree in exercise science I became interested in physiology and biochemistry.  Nutrition and dietetics offered the opportunity translate these sciences into practical advice for the community.  I choose Curtin as it was the only university in Western Australia that offered the course.  I was keen to gain the vocational training that Curtin offered.

The nutrition, and dietetics, course exposes students to a diversity of professional and research opportunities.  Curtin provided me with a solid understanding of the science that underpins nutrition recommendations, across the spectrum from medical nutrition therapy to public health nutrition.  I have also had tremendous opportunity for ongoing collaboration with the academics.

My days are typically diverse.  Most days are spent driving a computer and attending meetings, but the content and outcomes vary tremendously.  Primarily, I manage a wonderful team of health promoters who deliver a range of public health nutrition programs, most of which are funded by the Department of Health WA.  Personally, I am privileged to be involved in each of these programs, as well as undertaking work of my own on nutrition, physical activity, body weight, alcohol and cancer prevention more generally.  I am lucky to be involved in a number of research projects too, in nutrition and physical activity.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Curtin.  Use the time to experience everything that nutrition has to offer, and you will end up in a job you love.

Steve Pratt