SONIA (School of Nursing Innovative Allocation) is the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine’s clinical online application program. Please read the following information before logging in to SoNIA via the link at the bottom of the page.

To attend any clinical setting you must have completed all mandatory student health and legal checks. SoNIA will allocate you a clinical placement only if you have submitted all your health/legal checks.

Preference selection:

  • Some clinical units will allow preference selection. If you are enrolled in a unit that allows preference selection, you will receive an OCC advising when you are able to enter your preferences.
  • Note: you must have all your clinical documentation up-to-date in order to select your preferences.
  • Register your preferences carefully, no changes or swaps are accepted after allocations have been made.
  • Placement allocations do not work on a first-come, first-served basis – everyone has an equal chance to be placed at one of your selected preferences.
  • Ensure you fill all five (5) preferences. Do not select all the same agency – this will abort your allocation.

What do I do when semester starts?

An OCC will be sent after the allocation process is completed, advising you when SoNIA will be open to view your allocations.

  • View your allocated Clinical Placement by logging on to SoNIA (click on Logon link below).
  • Note: SoNIA will not allocate you a clinical placement if you have not submitted all the health/legal checks.

What do I need to do throughout the Semester?

Important: check SoNIA weekly to ensure that your placement is current.

  • Due to factors out of the school’s control all clinical placements are subject to change. Availability of placements may alter at short notice. Read the site details carefully for each of your placement allocations and follow the instructions that appear under your placement.
  • Check your clinical unit on Blackboard for the latest messages.

Logon to SoNIA

Username: OASIS Student Number
Password: OASIS Password

How to use SoNIA (a brief video by the school’s Clinical Office)

SoNIA Status: Available
Notes: Best wishes with your studies this semester.
Please email all Clinical Practice enquiries to: