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Health Sciences student interviewing a patient

Curtin graduates are trained to deliver, critique and contribute to innovations in practice across a range of industries and sectors.

A high proportion of the fieldwork activities provided to you, as a Curtin University student, are undertaken in partnership with other organisations. During these activities you will have the opportunity to learn the knowledge and skills required for employability–alongside staff, industry and community role models, clients, patients and their carers.

Whilst in the field you will be representing not only yourself and your course or chosen profession but also the university. Therefore you are expected to demonstrate professional attitudes and behaviour at all times.

Professional behaviours include communication, confidentiality, trustworthiness and dependability. For many professions these behaviours are described in detail in a ‘code of conduct’ (see your School for the relevant document).

As a student you are also expected to demonstrate behaviour that aligns with Curtin’s values of integrity, respect, courage, excellence and impact. You must abide by the rules, bylaws and regulations of any organisation in which you are placed. For further information on Curtin’s expectations for students see:

Fieldwork takes place in a variety of settings and locations. These placements are designed to meet the requirements of the course; often set by the accrediting body for that course. Most fieldwork placements are coordinated by a designated person, such as the Unit Coordinator, in the relevant school or department. Placements available depend on what our partners are able to provide for that semester or year. As a student you must be prepared to undertake placements assigned to you. You will have to organise your own travel arrangements and may have to organise accommodation for rural, interstate or international placements or accept the accommodation arrangements available for some placements. You will be responsible for costs associated with placements.

Fieldwork Manual

As a student you must satisfactorily complete all fieldwork activities, pass assessment requirements and demonstrate attributes associated with professional conduct. To facilitate this you should refer to your unit outline, course website and fieldwork manual, and read the important information on essential fieldwork requirements.

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