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Go Global partners with an organisation called the Society for Education, Village Action and Improvement (SEVAI), which coordinates a number of rural development programs throughout Southern India. SEVAI works with the poorest of the poor and helps these people to improve socially, economically and culturally. It runs a collection of education facilities that aim to improve the social, economic and environmental conditions of families in need by identifying and developing affordable, appropriate and environmentally sustainable solutions.

Go Global students have the opportunity to work collaboratively with educators and local health professionals at one of SEVAIs large rural schools, SEVAI Shanthi School. The program provides Curtin students with a diverse interprofessional experience – working with over 1,500 children and adults in rural India in the areas of health promotion, education, disability and advocacy, while simultaneously progressing their own cultural competence and personal development as a health care professional.

The overarching goal of Go Global’s partnership with SEVAI is to build the capacity of the school students at SEVAI Shanthi School, local staff and families to address and advocate for their own health needs.

Emphasis is placed on:

  1. Engaging health and education officials (i.e. teachers, students, parents, community leaders) in efforts to promote health
  2. Providing a safe, healthy environment (both physical and psychosocial)
  3. Providing effective skills-based education
  4. Facilitating access to health services
  5. Designing/implementing policies and school practices to support health
  6. Striving to improve the general health of surrounding communities.

“Go Global was an experience that helped me to develop a rounded understanding of people, motivation, and values. It was an experience that helped me grow professionally and personally in a cultural context that pushed me to do more, see more, and be more. An experience that has change the way I will think and work for many years to come.”

Katie, Occupational Therapy Student, Go Global India 2014