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Programme rationale

The World Health Organization has tasked you, health educators and practitioners, with delivering interprofessional education and practice as the model for future health and social care delivery.

Do you know what interprofessional collaboration looks like? See if you can pick which of these scenarios show interprofessional collaboration at work. [Scenarios: text alternative]

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As seen in the scenarios, a key element of the interprofessional approach is that the client is a member of the team. Watch the video below to discover What do people need from health care providers? What is it that we should strive to achieve?

How do we achieve this change in Australia? Like all significant change initiatives widespread and transformational leadership is required. We need to build both our leadership capabilities and those of our colleagues.

World leading figure on interprofessional practice, Dr Joshua Tepper comments on the value of this leadership programme.

This remainder of this web site comprises:

  • Facilitator preparation
  • Deliver the programme
  • Project team

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