Student Discipline Panel

The Student Discipline Panel is a vital mechanism for ensuring that academic misconduct is properly and thoroughly investigated, accurately determined and appropriately and fairly penalised. This service has a positive social impact on the Curtin academic community as it supports our commitment to academic integrity and contributes to our goal of ensuring that students graduate with the values, attributes and capabilities expected of a Curtin Health Sciences graduate.

The Student Discipline Panel comprises a Chair (the Faculty’s Director of Students), an academic staff member and a student member.  Members are advocates for integrity in the academic community, promoting honesty, trust and fairness. Working collaboratively, the panel consider moral and ethical principles, within the specific context of each case, to arrive at a fair outcome.

Participate and receive the Curtin Extra Certificate

Students who uphold and exhibit Curtin values are encouraged to become members of the Student Discipline Panel. Your participation in the panel will be recognised by the Curtin Extra Certificate, subject to the completion of additional tasks and education.

How to join

To take part in the SDP, download the nomination form in semester one of each academic year and send it to the Curtin Student Guild. The guild will also call for nominations during this period via the Official Communications Channel.

nomination form [.pdf 221KB]

Find out more

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