Curtin Medical School: future staff enquiries

If you are interested in teaching and other activities at the Curtin Medical School, please complete and submit the below form.

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    Medical practitioners only
    Problem-based learning tutor#Clinical skills tutor#MentorOSCE examiner^
    Open to all health professionals
    Admissions (multiple-mini interview - MMI interviewer)^

    # Duties will include tutoring, marking, feedback and assessment writing.
    ^ Attendance at a training session will be required before examining or interviewing can take place. Training sessions are held in the weeks preceding OSCEs and MMIs taking place.

    Yr 1 Problem-based learning tutorials (Monday mornings)Yr 2 Problem-based learning tutorials (Tuesdays)Yr 1 Clinical skills tutorials (Wednesday mornings)Yr 2 Clinical skills tutorials (Monday afternoons)Yr 3 Clinical skills tutorials (Monday mornings)

    Please note:

    Year 1 is comprised of two 12-week semesters.

    Year 2 is comprised of one 37-week study period.

    Year 3 is comprised of one 37-week study period.

    Due to a number of tuition-free weeks, tutorials will not run every week of the relevant study period.

    Problem Based Learning (PBL) is the principal method of learning in the Year 1-3 medical units. PBL uses a collection of carefully constructed problems that are presented to small groups of students. In medical education these problems usually consist of sets of observable phenomena, events, or simulations that need explanation. It is the students’ role to work through the problem as a team and the tutor’s role to facilitate discussion.

    Clinical skills training initially focusses on communication skills, with consultation and examination tutorials introduced later. Regular simulated patient sessions provide opportunities for students to practice newly-learnt skills on members of the community.

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