Curtin Medical School: future staff enquiries

If you are interested in teaching at the Curtin Medical School, please fill out and submit the below form.

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Problem-based learning tutor#Clinical skills tutor (medical practitioners only)#Mentor

# Duties will include tutoring, marking, feedback and assessment writing.

Yr 1 Problem-based learning tutorials (Monday mornings)Yr 2 Problem-based learning tutorials (Tuesdays)Yr 3 Problem-based learning tutorials (Wednesdays)Yr 1 Clinical skills tutorials (Wednesday mornings)Yr 2 Clinical skills tutorials (Monday afternoons)Yr 3 Clinical skills tutorials (Monday mornings)

Please note:

Year 1 is comprised of two 12-week semesters.

Year 2 is comprised of one 37-week study period.

Year 3 is comprised of one 39-week study period.

Due to a number of tuition-free weeks, tutorials will not run every week of the relevant study period.

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