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Drs Carl Mousley and Evelyn Deplazes have been selected to give presentations at ComBio 2017 held at the Adelaide Convention Centre from 2 to 5 October 2017.

Professor Elizabeth Watkin was an invited speaker at the West Coast Microbiome Network-Global Microbiome event, held at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research on Friday 18 August.

Professor Arunasalam Dharmarajan has been invited to speak at New Zealand Breast Cancer Symposium to be held in Auckland, NZ from November 12 to November 14. Please see link here.

Dr Caryn Elsegood had an abstract selected for oral presentation at the Australian Gastroenterology Week 2017 on the Gold Coast.

Some of our staff attended the ‘Science Lands in Parliament’ event in September 2017.

L-R: – Organisation Committee,  Ross Graham, Evelyne Deplazes, Sarah Henn, Abhishek Singh, Kevin Keane (chair), Abhijeet Deshmukh and Royston Ong.

There were three prominent research conferences held in Perth during the last week of August and start of September:

  • The joint Annual Scientific Meetings of the Endocrine Society of Australia and the Society for Reproductive Biology (Perth Convention Centre 27 to 30 August).
  • The Australian Diabetes Society Annual Scientific meeting (Perth Convention centre, 30 August to 1 September).
  • The Australian Islet Study Group Annual meeting (Harry Perkins Institute, Perth, 1 September to 2 September).

Congratulations from the School of Biomedical Sciences to all who participated in the conferences.

Professor Marco Falasca was an invited speaker at the Australian Islet Study Group meeting. Ms Mrunmai Tapadia presented a talk on her lupin seed hydrolysis extract and insulin secretion PhD project (joint project between Ranjeet Utikar, Stuart Johnson and Philip Newsholme).

Dr Jose Caparros-Martin received the best oral presentation award at the Australian Islet Study Group meeting, he delivered one of four talks selected from submitted abstracts.

Speakers and organisers at the Australian Islet Study Group Annual meeting.

The organizers of the Australian Islet Study group meeting were Dr Kevin Keane, Dr Rodrigo Carlessi, Dr Cyril Mamotte, Professor Marco Falasca and Professor Philip Newsholme. International speakers included Professor Patrik Rorsman (University of Oxford) and Professor Michele Solimena (Universitaetsklinikum, Dresden, Germany).

Professor Marco Falasca presenting his lecture at the Australian Islet Study Group Annual meeting.

Dr Rodrigo Carlessi was shortlisted for a prize for his poster at the Australian Diabetes Society, Basic Sciences section.

L-R: Dr Rodrigo Carlessi and Prof Philip Newsholme at the Australian Diabetes Society Annual Scientific meeting poster session.