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EID Mubarak Feast on 27 June 2017

Staff members were invited by Senior Technician, Luma Abu-Alsaad, to celebrate Eid al-Fitr with her. Luma cooked and extensively prepared a wide array of Middle Eastern delicacies for her colleagues.

L-R: Dr Paul Costantino and Luma Abu-Alsaad enjoying the feast.

The main food dishes were:

Maklooba (upside down) dish (red rice with eggplants, potatoes and chicken)

Beryani (Rice with beef, nuts, veggies, vermicelli short cut noodles, decorated with hard boiled eggs)

Lemon kobba  (more of a thick soup cooked with beef balls, parsnip, silver beet and lemon)

Top to bottom: Beryani, Hummus, eggplant dip and stuffed vine leaves and Maklooba.

Kuzi roast lamb leg cooked with different spices and served with flat bread.

A bowl of salad, hummus, eggplant dip and stuffed vine leaves as appetisers.

Staff members were very appreciative of the feast and commended Luma on her delicious cooking, effort and generosity.

The food was delicious!


Julia Köhn-Gaone (Tirnitz-Parker group) gave birth to her third child Emma on the 27th of July at 3am, at 3435 g and 49 cm. Emma is the fifth baby in the Liver Disease and Regeneration Group in four years.

Emma Köhn