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Natalie’s Nepalese Adventure

Natalie Long, Fieldwork Coordinator Social Work, is heading to Nepal to undertake a volunteer assignment through Scope Global. The assignment is based in the fieldwork program of the Nepal School of Social Work (NSSW), within the Sutra Centre for Development Education and Research.

Natalie is passionate about fieldwork education and looks forward to working alongside the staff at the NSSW to improve the quality of fieldwork placements. She will have the opportunity to share knowledge of fieldwork processes and procedures, skills in student supervision and experience in working with industry partners. In acknowledging that the NSSW values global networks, Natalie also hopes to contribute to the establishment of a partnership between the two schools.

Natalie Long is heading to Nepal.
Natalie Long is heading to Nepal.

As Natalie has visited Kathmandu twice in as many years, the location of the centre also attracted her to the position. In addition to enjoying the cultural way of life in Nepal, she looks forward to contributing to the social work profession to improve the socioeconomic wellbeing of the people in the region.

We wish Natalie well for her exciting adventure, and look forward to hearing about her experiences when she returns in 2017.