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Upcoming DCD conference to be held in Fremantle

The 12th Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) Conference will be held in Fremantle from 5 July to 8 July 2017. The conference is being hosted by the Western Australian Developmental Coordination Disorder Research Group MoveGrowEngage.

The conference will be held in Fremantle.
The conference will be held in Fremantle.

The conferences encourages presentations addressing a range of issues from etiological factors underlying movement problems to diagnosis/assessment and intervention.

It will aim to take into account broader new and innovative research of relevance, as well as reflect on the importance of multidisciplinary research, the influence of comorbid and associated difficulties such as cognitive, social-emotional and physical participation, and the implications of these for translation into practice.

It is anticipated that these broad aims will be presented with a consideration of the developmental aspects and life-span outcomes for these individuals.

Information about the conference can be found here.