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All the details on Curtin’s recent name change, how to submit a Marketing request for assistance and updating your email signature to include the University’s new 50 Years of Innovation logo.

Curtin has had a name change.
Curtin has had a name change.
Curtin’s name change

The University’s name officially changed on 2 January 2017 to ‘Curtin University’. This means there is no longer a need to use ‘Curtin University is a Trademark of Curtin University of Technology’.

Please note:

  • Templates, email signatures and other items should be updated as soon as possible.
  • The words ‘of Technology’ should be dropped from templates, and legal documents updated when due for example, contracts should be updated when a new version is created/new template is used.
  • Curtin will not be misrepresented by the continued use of the trademark line.
  • We do not need to reprint any materials.
Do you have a Marketing request? 

Do you require marketing assistance? Please make sure you use the Brand Portal to submit requests for support with the Curtin website, social media, advertising, video, email marketing and other marketing communications.

You can also access the University’s official templates for PowerPoints, posters, flyers, newsletters, certificates and email signatures via the Brand Portal. The templates are easy to download and use and have current Curtin branding. 

50 Years – update your signature! 

Email signature templates containing the 50 Years of Innovation logo have now been added to the default list of email signatures in Outlook on Curtin computers. You can now easily select your desired signature style and customise it with your contact details. All staff are encouraged to adopt the new signature for 2017. Information about how to do this can be found here.