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Simulation news

Farewells, awards, publications and conferences! All the latest news from the Simulations Leads Committee in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Simulation news.
Simulation news.

Hattingh, L., Robinson, D., White., S & Kelly, A. Evaluation of a simulated training package about a hospital patient’s journey. Australasian Pharmaceutical Science Association. Annual Conference. Sydney, 2 to 5 December 2016.

Recent simulation-related publications from staff in the Faculty of Health Sciences

Kuliukas LJ, Oehlers K, Berlingeri J. An interprofessional day of hi-fi simulation of family and domestic violence with midwifery students and social work students. Journal of Interprofessional Education and Practice. 2017: 6, 33-36

Australian Award for University Teaching

Physiotherapy National Simulation Program

Curtin University

Pharmacy Simulation Lead

The faculty sadly farewells Pharmacy Simulation Lead Laetitia Hattingh, who is leaving Curtin to undertake work at Griffith University.

Laetitia was one of the inaugural members of the Sim Leads Committee and has had a remarkable effect on the landscape of simulation. This has been especially noticeable in the discipline of Pharmacy, but also in the interprofessional space.

Under the auspices of a Western Australian Clinical Training Network grant, Laetitia designed and developed the interactive simulation program, Medication Management, Reconciliation and Safety: Simulation of the Hospital Patient Journey. This was particularly commendable, given the short time frame demanded by this project. The results have been incredibly positive and well received by students, with much evidence gathered around the effectiveness of this program, which has been reported to the wider community.

Laetitia has been a champion of simulation in general, as well as supportive of her colleagues, internal and external to Curtin. The Simulation Leads Committee would like to take this opportunity to wish Laetitia every success in the next chapter, and thank her wholeheartedly for her efforts.

The committee would also like to extend a very warm welcome to Kiran Parsons, who will be the new Simulation Lead for the School of Pharmacy. Kiran is already an enthusiastic supporter of simulation, having appeared in videos, attended training events and supported sim activities in the school and faculty. Welcome Kiran!

Alison Kelly

Simulation Lead

Faculty of Health Sciences