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Staff and student successes

Congratulations to all our talented staff and students on their recent grants, awards and career recognition.

Congratulations to our staff and students on their recent successes.
Congratulations to our staff and students on their recent successes.


Dr Joshua Ramsay – Harnessing horizontal gene transfer for sustainable nitrogen fixation $780,000. Australian Research Council.

Pettigrew, Wakefield, Kypri, Chikritzhs, Hasking, and Jongenelis, Developing health promotion messages to encourage responsible drinking practices. Healthway, $104,745, 2017-2018.

Clark, P., Hasking, P., Curran, S., & McEvoy, P. Machine learning based recommendation system for therapy on-the-go: a smartphone app to reduce self-injury. Operational Research Support Scheme, Curtin Institute for Computation, Curtin University. $45,000.

Recent PhD graduate from the School of Public Health, Dr Duc Doan Nguyen, has been successful in a prestigious Vietnamese Government research grant based on the findings of his PhD. Nguyen, DD. (Vietnam National University of Agriculture), Solah, V., Busetti, F. (Edith Cowan Uni) and Johnson, S. Effect of heat treatment on concentration of beta casomorphins in A1A1 and A2A2 milk and in their digests following in vitro simulated-gastro intestinal digestion. National Foundation of Science and Technology (Vietnam) – Basic Research Program 3 yr (equivalent ~ Aus$100,000).



Dr Helen Fairnie (nee Jones), who was a valued member of staff in the School of Public Health for many years, was honoured in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours List for her significant service to veterinary science and animal welfare as a clinician and educator, and as a mentor to women in the profession. Dr Fairnie’s full entry can be seen on page 63 of the list.

The Western Australian branch of the Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR) held its annual research symposium on 7 June 2017 at Edith Cowan University, Mt Lawley. Dr Mark Agostino received the award for the Best Presentation by a Post-doctoral Fellow or Clinician, which was presented at the WA ASMR Gala Dinner.

The award is sponsored by the University of Western Australia, Edith Cowan University and St John of God Health Care. Dr Agostino’s presentation, titled ‘Structure-based prediction of Wnt-Frizzled binding affinities’, described the development and application of computational methods for predicting the likely binding strength of Wnt proteins for Frizzled proteins, as well as the Wnt interaction with the Secreted Frizzled-Related Proteins, all of which are of significant interest to understanding a wide range of biological processes at the molecular level, particularly cancer and embryonic development.

This work is presently supported by the Raine Medical Research Foundation and the Curtin Institute for Computation, and has been recently published in the prestigious Journal of Biological Chemistry. You can read more about Dr Agostino’s work in our Researcher profile.

Dr Annette Regan, School of Public Health, has been awarded the 2017 Aileen Plant Memorial Prize in Infectious Disease Epidemiology. Aileen Plant was a faculty member at Curtin, who died tragically in 2007 aged 58 yrs.

Professor Steve Allsop, from the National Drug Research Institute (NDRI) at Curtin University, has been inducted into the National Honour Roll as part of the 2017 Alcohol and Drug Excellence and Innovation Awards. You can read more about Professor Allsop’s work in our story, Light Shines on NDRI Professor.



Professor Michael Alpers, Office of Research and Development, has been awarded the title  of Emeritus Professor.

Professor Charles Watson, Office of Research and Development, has been awarded the title of John Curtin Distinguished Emeritus Professor.


Early career recognition

Congratulations to Melissa Scott, a PhD candidate in the School of Occupational Therapy and Social Work, on being a finalist in the CRC Early Career Researchers awards.  Melissa was recognised for her work in developing the Integrated Employment Success Tool, a practical “tool kit” that assists employers tailor the workplace for success for people with autism.   You can read more about Melissa’s work here.