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All the news from the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching including information on students as co-creators and the first Schollaboration session for 2017.

All the news from the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching.
All the news from the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching.

2017 Visions for Australian Higher Education from Melbourne Centre for Higher Education

A recent publication from the Melbourne Centre for Higher Education provides a useful overview of key current learning and teaching topics. Find out more here.

Special issue on students as co-creators

Highly topical at the moment in Australian higher education is collaborating with students to improve learning and teaching. For those of you who are interested in learning more, the Teaching Learning Inquiry (ISSOTL Journal) had a special edition late in 2016 on Students as Co-Inquirers

The first Schollaboration session for 2017: learning, teaching & scholarship

2pm, Monday April 24th

Venue: TBC

What are learning analytics and how can I use them to facilitate student learning?

Joel Howell and Association Professor Lynne Roberts

Are learning analytics just another data set the University wants you to manage, or can it be a positive force to inform educational practice? Curtin University is currently exploring learning analytics and the creation of ‘dashboards’ of key data for both students and staff.

This presentation will provide an introduction to learning analytics, explore some of the questions that big data generates for both students and staff, and provide insight into the current state of play at Curtin. Additionally, Joel and Lynne will provide an overview of their research into learning analytics. The presentation will be interactive and aims to generate a conversation in the Faculty of Health Sciences about what kinds of data is required to facilitate student learning.

Information on how to register will be forthcoming. For more information contact Helen Flavell.