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Staff profile – Kristy Indich

Kristy Indich is the faculty’s new Indigenous Engagement Officer. She has come from the Centre for Aboriginal Studies (CAS) and is currently working on the Future Footprints Expo. Kristy recently travelled to China, her first trip overseas, with a group of Indigenous basketball players she coaches.

Kristy and her basketball team travelling to China.
Kristy and her basketball team travelling to China.

Name: Kristy Indich.

Title: Indigenous Engagement Officer.

School: Health Sciences.

Campus: Bentley.

How long have you worked at Curtin?

In my current role – four weeks.

Where did you work prior to starting in the faculty?

I was working in CAS at Curtin for six years as a Student Services Officer.

What do you like best about your role?

Encouraging our Indigenous students that they can become whatever they want, and university is for everyone. Also being part of their journeys, where they come from high school and graduate with a university degree, and being a support person who can help.

The team enjoying an urban experience.
The team enjoying an urban experience.

Why did you choose your current career path?

At first it was a job, but I have experience working at CAS as their Student Services Officer. I have no university degree, but my life experiences and journey have given me knowledge. I have plans to study down the track.

First job?

Administrative Assistant.

Worst job?

Childcare Worker (Assistant).

What project are you currently working on and what does it involve?

The Future Footprints Expo. Future Footprints provides social inclusion and reduces disadvantage for Indigenous children, and involves myself and my manger Cheryl Davis working with coordinators of this event, alongside CAS and Future Students. It also involves help from within our faculty’s schools.

Kristy and her basketball team on the court!
Kristy and her basketball team on the court!

Your favourite place in the world and why?

My home town Moora. I have my family and close friends there, and it’s a place for me to get out of the city.

Your favourite cuisine and why?

Chinese, because I love the variety of food it offers.

What is the best piece of advice you have received?

Don’t worry about what other people think, do what’s right for you.

Tell us something about yourself that your colleagues wouldn’t know?

I coached a group of young Indigenous girl in basketball, and we travelled to China in 2016 as we were invited by ex-Wildcats player Andrew Vlahov as part of the Friendship Games. It was the first time the girls and myself have ever travelled overseas.