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Give to Change has huge impact

Financial disadvantage can severely impact a student’s experience at university, and engagement with learning. Working enough hours to pay for rent, bills and groceries impacts on the time students have to commit to their studies, and ongoing financial worries can affect their ability to focus on coursework and achieve good results, let alone take up any of the available extra-curricular activities that enhance the student experience.

Tess was awarded a Go Global scholarship, funded by Give to Change.
Tess was awarded a Go Global scholarship, funded by Give to Change.

Currently, more than 13 per cent of Curtin’s students come from low socio-economic backgrounds, and many rely on scholarships to commence and complete their studies. To help address this, Curtin established Give to Change, a staff giving program that provides students in dire need with life-changing scholarship and hardship fund support.

Staff are able to join Give to Change via a simple payroll deduction scheme. All donations are matched by Curtin, thereby doubling their impact. Staff can choose how and where they make a difference, and 100 per cent of their donations are directed to their chosen cause.

Give to Change ensures financially disadvantaged students, such as fourth year physiotherapy student, Tess, are able to continue attending university and meet their academic potential.

Tess had experienced financial strain throughout much of her degree, but the final year of her studies was proving to be particularly tough. She discovered the Go Global Scholarship, a four-week international student mobility program, which offers health sciences students the chance to complete fieldwork placements at partner organisations in Asia, as well as financial aid.

“The financial burden impacted my ability to focus both mentally and physically, and this greatly affected my capacity to apply my physiotherapy skills and knowledge,” Tess said.

“When I first heard about Go Global in 2015, I knew it was an experience I wanted to embrace.”

Not only did the scholarship provide much needed financial relief for Tess, it also enabled her to embark on a life-changing journey to Vietnam, where she had the opportunity to provide healthcare to a community in need of assistance.

“I was able to offer support to those who are less fortunate. This experience has provided me with an amazing learning opportunity that I will never forget. I will be forever grateful for this journey, and I will always treasure the connections and friendships I have made with the community and its people,” she said.

You can learn more about the Give to Change program here.