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Research and engagement awards

The annual Curtin University Research and Engagement Awards were held recently to recognise the outstanding work of Curtin researchers and academics, and to officially celebrate the end of a successful Research and Innovation Week.  

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Deborah Terry, with some of the Research and Engagement award winners.
The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Deborah Terry, with some of the Research and Engagement award winners.

This year, the event combined the Research Excellence Awards and the Curtin Media Awards (usually held in November), which were renamed as the Curtin Research and Engagement Awards.  Speakers included Hon. Chris Tallentire, Parliamentary Secretary for Innovation and ICT, and Science, who presented the Award for Collaboration between Curtin and the State Government. Congratulations to the winners from the Faculty of Health Sciences. The full list of winners is below.

Curtin Research Impact and Engagement Award

MWA GLEAM team – Faculty of Science & Engineering (Natasha Hurley-Walker, Paul Hancock, John Morgan, Steven Tingay, Andrew Williams, Carol Jackson, Cathryn Trott, David Emrich, Ron Ekers, Steve Ord and Tom Franzen)

Paul G. Dunn Research Development Award

Professor John Mamo – Faculty of Health Sciences

Early Career Researcher Award

Dr Wensu Chen – Faculty of Science & Engineering

John de Laeter Research Leadership Award

Professor Chris Reid – Faculty of Health Sciences

Award for collaboration between Curtin and the State Government

Professor Steven Tingay and ICRAR team

Most Prolific Media Commentator Award

Professor Rebecca Cassells

Most Prolific New Media Commentator Award

Dr Ben Rich

Award for Highest Contribution to Scimex

Professor Peter Newman

Award for Highest Contribution to The Conversation

Dr Nicole Lee

Award for Highest Readership of an article on The Conversation

Professor Simon Lenton

Research News Story Award

Dr Martin Whitely

Award for publication in Nature 2016

  • Ramesh Bhat; Steven Tingay; Randall Wayth
  • Jens Zinke

Award for publication in Science 2016

  • Ramesh Bhat; Ryan Shannon
  • Ronald Ekers; Nicholas Seymour
  • Marco Coolen
  • Katarina Miljkovic (two papers)
  • Euan Harvey; Benjamin Saunders; Scott Bennett; Julia Santana-Garcon
  • Domenik Wolff-Boenisch
  • Cormac Reynolds; Hayley Emma Bignall
  • Gemma Anderson; James Miller-Jones