About us

The Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute (CHIRI) was founded in 2008 to host research, clinical practice and teaching within Curtin University’s Faculty of Health Sciences.

Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute
The Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute is poised to fill a void in health research.

As a critical mass of biomedical expertise and research capacity, CHIRI played a pivotal part in Curtin’s ambitions to establish a medical school. And we succeeded: the new School of Medicine opened its doors to undergraduates in 2017.

In December 2015 CHIRI restructured to become a focused, research-only institute. With a renewed vision and mission, we are now poised to fill a void in health research in Western Australia. By specifically targeting the chronic diseases of ageing, we complement existing health and medical research institutes focused on children’s and mainstream health.

Critically, as a university-based institute, CHIRI has remarkable freedom and opportunity to take bigger risks in research. In the spirit of the vision of Australia’s wartime Prime Minister John Curtin, CHIRI has adopted the mantra that “the pursuit of knowledge is far more important than even knowledge itself.”

We are a natural home for new talent, the game-changers and paradigm-shifters, those prepared to take risks and truly innovate to change the face of adult health.

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Sponsorship and partnership opportunities

We offer a limited number of unique sponsorship and partnership opportunities that may be of reciprocal value. In addition, targeted donations of any value can be easily arranged to support specific research projects; the world-class training of next-generation Australian researchers; or the purchase of state-of-art technology platforms. Donations to the Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute are fully tax deductible.

Curtin Medical School

Identifying the causes and new treatments of diseases associated with ageing is the institute’s core business. However, translation to clinical practice is the ultimate aim to decrease the burden of disease and improve quality of life. The establishment of the only undergraduate medical program in Western Australia at Curtin University means we are uniquely positioned to provide future generations of Australians with doctors who understand the contemporary research practices that will inform future therapies. Learn more about Curtin’s Medical School.