SeRP@Curtin is a e-Research platform which allows researchers and data custodians to manage, store, share, analyse and link sensitive research data in a fully governed and highly secure environment, whilst maintaining full control of the data at all times.

SeRP@Curtin comprises infrastructure, software, systems and tools such as R and SAS that provides a highly secure environment in which to conduct data analysis to support your research.

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Should I be using SeRP@Curtin for my project?

If you have a research project that requires analysis of sensitive data, then SeRP@Curtin is very likely to be suitable for you. This document provides the approach taken for data and risk management in the SeRP@Curtin environment.

SeRP@Curtin is suited to projects that require the secure storage of sensitive data in an environment that allows researchers to perform data analytics to support their research.

It is not intended for general purpose storage of data unless that data is to be used by other projects. It is also not suited to having regular or automated distribution of results from analysis of that data, or for the regular or automated ingest of data.

How do I get access to SeRP@Curtin?

Access to SeRP@Curtin requires an application and approval process. You can use the following forms to lodge your application for a SeRP@Curtin workspace and associated user access:


Fees and charges

SeRP@Curtin operates on a cost-recovery model so as to ensure sustainability of the service over the longer term. A tiered pricing system will apply – please contact us to discuss your requirements:

What do I need to know about using SeRP@Curtin?

SeRP@Curtin utilises Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to provide a secure environment in which to conduct your research. If you are not familiar with working in a VDI environment there is the opportunity to familiarise yourself using the Curtin Staff VDI which provides the same experience and is available for use by all Curtin staff.

SeRP@Curtin is intended to be used for analytics tasks.  The VDI environment currently provides the following tools:

  • Excel
  • R/RStudio
  • SAS
  • Python
  • SPSS
  • Stata (requires licence)

To ensure high levels of security, SeRP@Curtin uses two factor authentication (2FA) through a product called Duo. To access SeRP@Curtin you will need to register a device as the second factor of authentication. This link provides information on what will be required with regards to using 2FA.

The SeRP@Curtin Quick Start Guide provides useful information on the features and structure of SeRP@Curtin.