Stuttering Clinic

The Curtin Stuttering Treatment Clinic offers services to people of all ages for the management of stuttering and fluency disorders.

Both individual and group treatment is provided by speech pathology students under the supervision of an experienced speech pathologist and expert in area of stuttering.


Individual assessment and subsequent treatment sessions are delivered within a broad-based and family-centred therapy approach.


Weekly group sessions are also conducted within the Curtin Stuttering Treatment Clinic. Group objectives are to:

  • promote more fluent speech in a supported environment
  • provide a forum of support and friendship amongst clients
  • address through discussion and activities the negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours that can be associated with stuttering
  • promote positive identity and self-esteem, so as to minimise the negative impact that stuttering may have on participation, emotional well-being and improved quality of life

Adolescent and Adult Fluency Group: Tuesday 9-11

Boys and Girls Fluency Group: Wednesday 9-10.30

Downs Syndrome Fluency Group: Thursday 9-10


Clients can self refer by calling +61 8 9266 1717. Health professionals and other referrers can download the referral form.