Student support

nurse supporting student

The role of mentor has been designed to assist International and RN Conversion students in their studies. The School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine offers a student mentor and an academic mentor service as there is strong evidence that this type of assistance is positively correlated with academic success.

Student Mentor Support

The aim of the Student Mentor Program is to aid student transition into the School and to enhance university life. The Student Mentor will meet weekly with a group of new to course students and follow a set twelve week program to assist in the academic and social success of new to course students by advising them on learning and support services within the University.

Academic Mentor Support

The academic mentor is available to assist with problem solving and to provide guidance regarding additional learning and support services within the university.

Academic Mentor Program (AMP)

Weekly mentoring sessions are offered to students to provide academic support. These sessions are designed to facilitate student success by providing interactive instructions on key study skills needed to achieve academic success. Group problem solving and participation is strongly encouraged. Attendance and participation at these sessions has been shown to significantly improve students success in their studies.


For further information please contact the School Office:

If you are having a problem and it is preventing you from studying or meeting your deadlines, please don’t wait until you have missed the deadline or failed the test before going to see someone for help. Contact your Unit Coordinator for assistance.

University support resources

Curtin University has a range of support resources which are free to students. You are advised to access these services early in the semester before the need for support arises.

START (Student Transition and Retention Team)
START offer programs and initiatives to help students transition into university and successfully complete their studies. Student Wellbeing Advisors offer confidential support, advice and follow-up for all Curtin students.

The Learning Centre
The Learning Centre is a great resource which includes workshops and resources to improve your study skills and writing.

Curtin English
If English is not your first language, the Curtin English website provides information and resources to help you develop your ability to use English in an academic context. Use this as your first step towards improving your communication skills.