Maternal and Children’s Health Research

Maternal and Children’s Health Research is a research priority area in the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedicine. This focal area is divided into three groups of research: midwifery, international health and children’s health.


The midwifery team within Curtin University work collaboratively to provide academic leadership to foster excellence in midwifery research and teaching in the University, clinical setting and wider Western Australian community. Our Professor of Midwifery, Midwifery Research Fellow and midwifery lecturers strive to lead and support Western Australian midwives and midwifery students to engage in research and contribute to our growing body of knowledge around midwifery. The Professor of Midwifery and Midwifery Research Fellow positions are joint appointments between Curtin University and King Edward Memorial Hospital.

Research Contacts:
Professor Yvonne Hauck
Dr Lucy Lewis

International Health

The International Health Programme in the School of Nursing and Midwifery oversees a vibrant postgraduate coursework and doctoral programmes in International Health with a strong focus on global maternal and women’s health. The academic staff have extensive developing world experience and PhD students undertake field research projects in the developing world and resource poor settings. Currently PhD students are undertaking research projects in Kenya, Nepal, Timor-Leste, India, Uganda, and Tanzania. The focus is on maternal and women’s health linked to the social determinants of health and health inequities. The Staff also have strong links internationally with Timor-Leste, India, Bangladesh, Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania.

Research Contact:
Professor Jaya A R Dantas

Children’s Health

Staff in the School are actively engaged in children’s health research that encompasses paediatric nursing, inter-professional collaborations, knowledge translation and community child health. Working with paediatric nurses, multi-disciplinary teams, community child health nurses and school nurses, our team covers topics in children’s health ranging from optimal pain management for seriously ill children to promoting mental health in schools and supporting young mothers in Aboriginal communities. In addition to using research data from large Western Australian cohort studies, undertaking smaller quantitative and qualitative studies, the team collects information from parents, children and healthcare providers using interviews, focus groups and questionnaires in a variety of settings. The team supports a number of higher degree by research students, many of whom have research scholarships.

Research Contacts:
Dr Fenella Gill
Dr Garth Kendall
Mrs Ailsa Munns
Mrs Mary Tallon