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We are the largest school of occupational therapy in Australia and the leading provider of social work education in the state and the only undergraduate provider in the Perth area. Our recently renovated building offers the latest teaching and learning resources and facilities, supported by innovative technology.

Occupational therapy and social work facilities enable students to practice client and family centred care scenarios in realistic interprofessional settings. Take a virtual tour.

There is a stuttering a speech pathology clinic on campus where you can practice the skills you have learned, and student-led clinics offering services in speech pathology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, social work, dietetics and provisional counselling psychology in nearby Cockburn.

Speech pathology clinic

Our Speech Pathology clinics

The school runs a stuttering clinic and an adult speech pathology clinic on campus within the Health and Wellness Centre. Our Stuttering Clinic provides individual treatment as well as fluency groups for adolescents, adults, children and individuals with Down Syndrome. Our Adult Speech Pathology Clinic offers individual treatment, a dysarthria group and a language group for stroke survivors.

Photo of from Left to Right - Elizabeth Sydney-Smith (SP), Jillian Briggs (OT), Amy Le Cras (OT), Euphemia White (SP).

An unexpected education - The Jiji program

For the past two years, in the remote Pilbara Martu communities of Punmu and Jigalong, there has been a quiet revolution in the way early intervention is being delivered to Indigenous children with developmental challenges and delays.

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Curtin graduate a rising star in social work

Curtin graduate a rising star in social work

Curtin Bachelor of Social work graduate Julie Verley was recently awarded a 2016 Social Worker of the Year Award in the Rising Star category.

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