Occupational Therapy, Social Work and Speech Pathology facilities

To support teaching and learning in the School, we have invested in updating and upgrading our facilities over the recent years, such that we now offer students a number of fully equipped, discipline-specific learning spaces; including a laboratory and tutorial rooms, all of which may be used to teach laboratory-based units. For example, we have a dedicated laboratory for kinesiology and biomechanics (including splinting) with equipment which mimics that of the major hospitals and private practices in Western Australia. In addition, staff have access to wet laboratories for the teaching of anatomy, as well as brain models, skeletons and spinal models.

Occupational therapy and social work laboratory

Curtin has invested over $9 million in learning and research facilities for its students. Our innovative occupational therapy and social work facilities enable you to practice client- and family-centred care scenarios in realistic interprofessional settings.

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Learn with avatars

image of Jim the avatar

If you study speech pathology, you will meet ‘Jim’ the virtual patient, a computer-based avatar like those you find in a computer game. By working with Jim in a virtual setting, you can learn how to effectively communicate with a client in a safe environment before moving on to work with real clients.

Learning and research laboratories

Curtin University has invested over $9 million in learning and research facilities for its students.

The innovative building enables students to practise client and family centred care scenarios in realistic interprofessional settings.

The impressive two-storey development based on the University’s Perth campus uses the latest technology to enable students to undertake simulated scenarios alongside current technologies.

Facilities include:

  • World-leading laboratories to support teaching in contemporary and emerging areas of practice. For example, a laboratory for developing the potential of children in early years through to adolescence, realistic home environments with a variety of options for people with disabilities, simulated work spaces for workers with a range of injuries and a range of resources to enhance communication.
  • A 100-seat lecture theatre and five tutorial rooms.
  • A suite which includes two group rooms, viewing areas and eight counselling rooms, all supported by innovative digital recording technology for teaching and learning in mental health.
  • A dedicated comprehensive discipline-specific resource library and learning centre for students, staff and clinicians.
  • A modern well-appointed comfortable student common area which includes full wireless access.