Psychology research

We pride ourselves on our commitment to research. Our academic staff and our large cohort of PhD students are intensely involved in world-class work in areas such as health psychology and behavioural medicine; brain, behaviour and mental health; community psychology; and learning, attitudes, cognition, and e-behaviour.

The ongoing contributions that they make in their areas of expertise explain why our research is well-known and respected in both national and international arenas.

neurosciences research

The research in the faculty is funded by National Competitive Grants, including funding from the NHMRC, ARC, and the Australian Government, as well as the Western Australia Department of Transport and Healthway.

Researchers in the school collaborate with national and international researchers demonstrating the global reach of the work in the school. Research-active staff are affiliated to one or more of our five research groups, which reflect the school’s areas of strength. These groups are also aligned with the Areas of Research in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

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Participate in our research

The Curtin Research Participation Scheme is open to everyone 18 years or older who is interested in research participation. Participants in this scheme will be reimbursed for their efforts, usually at a rate of $15 per hour spent.  For further information or to register, please visit the research participation portal.