English for Health Sciences

All Health Sciences students are expected to develop their academic and professional communication skills during their studies. To help you with this, the faculty offers free developmental workshops and resources throughout the semester, whether you’re an undergraduate, postgraduate or higher degree by research (HDR) student.

You can access the workshop schedule and many other resources for developing academic and professional language skills via our Blackboard Organisation site ‘English for Health Sciences’. To access this information, send an email with your Student ID Number and “Enrol in English for Health Sciences” in the subject line to EnglishFoHS@curtin.edu.au. Alternately, you can self-enrol.

Programs and resources offered

English for Health Sciences Blackboard Organisation site

This organisation site provides access to many online resources for academic and professional communication development. The site also provides up-to-date information about language development opportunities available in the Faculty of Health Sciences each semester as well as access to presentations and handouts from the workshops. Student can also post questions and share resources about English language development. Available to all students on request. Email: EnglishFoHS@curtin.edu.au


Academic Writing for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students

This face-to-face program develops the academic language and literacy in English needed for effective assignment writing. The program focuses on academic style, sentence structure, grammar and looks at common issues in student assignment writing. Available to students who are studying by coursework.


Professional Communication Skills for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students

This program focuses on the oral English and intercultural competence students need for professional practice, fieldwork and Work-Integrated Learning (WIL). The workshops support students to communicate effectively in both spoken and written English with a particular focus on communicating with clients, preceptors, patients and family members in professional settings. Students learn informal Australian English and other aspects of English needed to succeed in practice in Western Australia. Available to all students.


Research Writing for Higher Degree by Research Students

This three-day intensive program develops the language, knowledge and skills needed for thesis and journal writing in the Health Sciences. Participants review completed theses and published papers in their field to develop their understanding of the requirements of writing in English for publication and to learn about effective academic writing. Available to honours, masters and doctorate (by research) students.


Occupational English Test Preparation Course

The Occupational English Test (OET) is a language test for overseas born health practitioners in Australia. This course familiarises students with the requirements of the OET and helps them to identify their strengths and weaknesses in relation to the test. Available to third and fourth year students.



This academic language and literacy program is provided live, either on-campus or online, and develops assignment writing skills, study skills, referencing, and oral presentations in English. Available to first year undergraduate students upon commencement of their degree and to postgraduate students when designated.

Online SUCCESS (UG & PG)

This is an online academic English program that develops the language skills and knowledge that students need to succeed in assignments and improve their English. The program consists of eleven modules including assignment types, pronunciation, coherence and cohesion, paraphrasing, summarising. Available to all students.


Research Writing Online

This series of interactive multimedia modules has been developed to assist you in your endeavours to develop your academic writing at postgraduate level. The modules are highly engaging with audio-visual content and interactive learning activities.