Leadership programme

On this website you can download a fully-resourced change leadership programme designed to increase interprofessional clinical fieldwork opportunities. Developed by Curtin and Charles Sturt Universities, in partnership with the University of Toronto, the programme has been created to support health and academic staff to build their capacity to lead interprofessional education and practice initiatives.

The project final report and programme resources can also be found on this site. The programme resources are broken into four groups: Pre-programme materials, programme materials, post-programme materials, additional resources. These can all be found under ‘Deliver the programme’.

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The development of this website and its accompanying documents was supported by a grant from the Australian Government office for Learning and Teaching for the “Leadership of Interprofessional Education and Practice: Creating Collaborative Practice Environments” (Ref: LE12-2161) project by Curtin University and its partner, Charles Sturt University.

Consultation and guidance for the development of this programme was provided by the University of Toronto, Centre for Interprofessional Education. The video “Collaboration for Better Health” was based on the video concept “I need you…” was provided courtesy of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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