Interprofessional practice

Curtin focuses on interprofessional education experiences in the workplace to ensure you develop your collaborative practice capabilities.

You will undertake interprofessional placements in a range of practice settings, ensuring  you are able to provide safe, high quality, client-centred services on graduation.

Practice-based settings provide the ideal learning environment for you to practise, learn and be assessed on communication, teamwork, conflict resolution and reflective practice skills.

You will also learn to understand and appreciate the contribution of the client, other professionals and non-professionals to health and social care.

Our placements

Cockburn Integrated Health and Community Facility


Curtin’s service delivery is focused on achieving quality, client-centred care, both in individual and group sessions for members of the local Cockburn community.

The focus is on the management of chronic conditions and how we can work collaboratively to improve the health of members of the local community. In addition, some students will have the opportunity to manage paediatric conditions and mental health. This is done working closely with other service providers within the facility.

Placement details

Services are delivered by students under the guidance of qualified health professionals. Currently, students from the professions of speech pathology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, social work and nursing deliver services at Cockburn.

This placement aims to increase your knowledge, skills and confidence in working in the community setting. You will be involved in delivering initial interprofessional screens, work with clients to develop goals and then address goals through the development and implementation of a client care plan.

In addition, you may be involved in observations, assessments, intervention, self-directed learning, creation of educational tools and sessions, as well as innovative projects.

Challis Community Primary School


Challis Community Primary School is located in Armadale, WA and is highly regarded for its innovation in providing both health and education services to the school community.


The school offers a Parenting Centre, pre-kindy program, facilitated play groups and child health services as part of its early intervention model, which aims to give children the best possible start for later school success.

Currently, on-site services are provided by a range of health professionals including nursing, psychology, occupational therapy, speech pathology and family support workers.

Placement details

This school setting utilises interprofessional practice to deliver its complex and comprehensive service and therefore provides an excellent location for interprofessional education placements for Curtin students.

This year, Curtin health science students will come from the disciplines of speech pathology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, social work, counselling psychology and professional psychology.

Curtin’s involvement began at Challis Community Primary School in March 2011. Since this time, Curtin and Challis have developed a strong relationship which has seen the program grow exponentially with significant numbers of children receiving sustainable in-situ health services.

Jiji program

Jiji, meaning ‘young children’ in Martu, is an innovative program providing final-year speech pathology and occupational therapy students the opportunity to complete a placement in the remote Pilbara Aboriginal communities of Punmu and Jigalong.


Jiji aims to:

  • improve Martu children’s health and education access
  • work with families to engage communities in their own healthcare
  • build the capacity of families and school staff
  • help build future recruitment of allied health professionals to remote areas
  • collaborate with and support existing allied health service providers in the region.

Learning outcomes

Students and supervisors live and practice within the Martu communities. Through this immersive experience, they are able to build an understanding of Martu culture, language and recent history, the barriers that Aboriginal people face in accessing a westernised healthcare and education system, and a greater awareness of culturally safe service provision.

Students strengthen their discipline-specific skills and learn how to work in small, interprofessional teams.


  • Martu communities of the Western Desert
  • Western Deserts Land Aboriginal Corporation
  • Feilman Foundation (major sponsor)

Student testimonial

“I found this a challenging placement but equally so enriching. I have never laughed so much with the great company that I had. I felt what job satisfaction is. I really am very grateful for being on the Jiji programme.”


Professor Angus Buchanan

Juniper Annesley


Juniper Annesley is an aged care facility which provides a successful Interprofessional Practice (IPP) Program for student nurses, pharmacists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and student counselling psychologists.


The service delivery is focused on achieving quality, person-centred resident care, both in individual and group sessions for residents and their families.

Placement details

This placement aims to increase your knowledge, skills and confidence in working with older adults particularly in the areas of dementia and palliation.

You may be involved in observations, assessments, intervention, self-directed learning, creation of educational tools and sessions as well as innovative projects that support the existing programs and facility staff.

Go Global

Go Global is a nationally awarded international mobility program that provides you with the opportunity to complete a four-week fieldwork experience at partner organisations overseas.

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